Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sixville Kicksty-kicks


You probably already know about Miriam Linna's most excellent and enthralling blog, KICKSVILLE 66. If you do not know who Miriam Linna is, then you are not reading this post anyhow, so piss off. If you have not seen the blog, I urge you to owe it to yourself to correct that myocardial infraction by clicking here:Link

There is a lot of stuff about the Cramps, and then there is a lot of stuff not about the Cramps, because Miriam has been a busy girl throughout her exotic and eventful life, and she chronicles stuff LAMF. She knows virtually everyone who has ever lived, and has tales to tell.

Here is a sample of some of the glorious minutiae to be found there:

This is a self-portrait which she says is by "a Cramp," and denies being that Cramp herself. Since the file name is "luxart420," I think we can narrow it down.

Anyhow, I cannot really add anything to what you will find if you go there, so I will comment no further. It's like going to a really cool salad bar where, instead of salad stuff, they have incredibly tasty photos and anecdotes about musicians of the kind that nobody likes but us.

So go. That URL again is:

Tell them Boris sent you.

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