Monday, October 26, 2009

How to be an Officious Dee-Lux Halloweenie and Basically a Good American

Lux Interior Sez: "I'd get some 50s horror comics. The kind that were extremely gruesome and sexy. The kind that inspired them to write that book, The Seduction Of The Innocent, that talked about how our youth was being destroyed by comic books. That's one of the first things that happened in the 50s that led to the youth revolution of the 60s. I'd tell people to get some of the sexploitation movies that Something Weird Video is putting out on video. There's a huge wealth of these sexploitation movies that people don't even know about yet, and they should. It's a real important part of Americana. It's a whole world that exists that is still yet to be known."

Some Asshole

Uhhh... Crust? Gust?

Would this necessarily be bad?

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  1. LUX WE WILL MISS YOU!!! these guys are keeping the fuzz alive!!--MECHANIQUE