Tuesday, October 13, 2009

31 Days of Halloween with Criswell

Folks, I am so fucking Criswell it isn't even funny! Welcome back to my reeking bog of septic slop that I would like to call TALES FROM THE CRYPT, but I can't because the bastards who own the EC copyrights would sue my fuck out. Be that as it may, do pull up a prolapsed rectum and sit down for a spell, as I present for your complete stupefaction and conjunctivitis this piece of crap I found in a dumpster... Uh, I mean this CLASSIC HORROR TALE that I really hope is in the public domain now.

I may indeed, Doctor, I may indeed. But I predict that I will be equally likely not to give a flying fuck! For am I not CRISWELL?? I am, I am. Criz Fucking Well. Remember it. Fuck the Crypt Keeper! (Which I would!)

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