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Kid Congo Powers is the stage name of Brian Tristan (born 1960, Los Angeles, California), an American rock guitarist and singer, best known as a member of The Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and currently the title role in Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. Most of his career has found him exploring the territory where punk rock joins older "roots music" styles.

Powers is a second generation Mexican American born and raised in El Monte, California. In 1976, he was president of The Ramones fan club, then ran a fanzine for The Screamers. After traveling to London and New York City he returned to L.A. and in 1979 met Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Pierce taught him to play guitar using open tuning, and they formed 'The Creeping Ritual', which became The Gun Club. Powers left that group before their recording debut, instead joining an obscure "punk-o-billy" band called "The Crabs" or some such thing, in December 1980. They it was who dubbed him 'Kid Congo Powers,' a name which appears to have stuck. He rejoined the Gun Club from 1983-1988, when he again left to join Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Berlin, for several albums and associated tours. Powers has also played with The Divine Horsemen, The Angels of Light and Die Haut. (Wikipedia- sort of)

The ultimate Kid Congo Powers resource - Kid discusses his life and career in over 4 hours of audio, text, mp3s, rare photos, and more from

You can also find further particulars here, as well as a few sample tunes for your engorgement and general groove improvement:

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