Monday, November 16, 2009

The Madman of Mars

The LUX INTERNET COMIC BOOK THEATER is not exactly proud-- but not ashamed enough to refrain from it-- to bring you a colossal classic fished from a reeking dumpster on Memory Lane.
Return with us now to the days of the Old West, when men loved horses, Nazis lived on Mars, and never the twain shall meet-- until, that is, SPURS JACKSON heeds his master's voice and pursues a strident call of nature all the way to the mystery-shrouded Angry Redheaded Step-Planet-- MARS! What he finds there, gentle reader, will make your block and tackle retract permanently into your abdomen!

This tale comes to us courtesy of the Flashback Universe Blog, which I recommend highly, if you are a comic book fan, or think you might be:

Hmmmm, I guess you could call that a weak end on Mars...

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