Thursday, November 19, 2009

The CREATURE From Dimension 2-K-31

The Lux Internet Comic Book Theatre apparently has nothing better to do than bring you this slightly uncomfortable tale of science gone both amok and awry. It may not be one of the strangest stories ever told, but it is without doubt one of the least necessary! This saga has it all-- apes, war, scientific equipment that shoots electrical arcs back and forth, and bug-eyed bastards from a place with a sillier name than ours. So undo your girdle, Gertrude, and prepare to be underwhelmed. This is rather a lengthy introduction, but the longer we put it off the better. However, all good stays of execution must come to an end...
So, it is with the most intense indifference that we give you, free of charge, "The CREATURE From Dimension 2-K-31." Guaranteed to blister all your exposed skin, or double your money back!

This tale comes to us courtesy of the Flashback Universe Blog, which I recommend highly, if you are a comic book fan, or think you might be: