Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kid Congo at Barreiro Rocks 2009 (Portugal)
(Translated from Portuguese for free by a goddamn computer.)

Kid The Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Kid The Congo Powers (in the picture) and Tav Falco' s Panther Burns (not in the picture) are some of the international names that are part of the large roster of the edition of this year of the Barreiro Rocks.

The festival elapses us days 11 and 12 of December in the Railway Sporting Group in the Barreiro. The price of the tickets varies between the 15 euros (a day) and 20 euros (two days).

The ex-Cramps and Gun Club, Kid The Congo Powers (artistic name of Brian Tristan), returns to our country after the passage by the Gallery Zé of the Oxen in Lisbon, in the past month of May. The North American musician, that it arrived do digressions with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, participated in the most recent disk of the Portuguese Dead Combo, "Lusitânia Playboys".

The French Destination Lonely, the Spanish Tokyo Sex Destruction and Jon Ulecia & Bizarre Tavern, the British [D-66] and the Mexicans Them Santeros are others of the names that pass for the city of the south margin of the Tagus in the two days of the event. The after-hours are assured by the new york DJ Shimmy.

The concerts begin about the 22h00. Here is a complete goddamn list of the fucking acts:

11 December

22h00 ­ Singing Dears (Barreiro, Portugal)
23 h 00 ­ Destination Lonely (Perpignan, France)
­ Tokyo Sex Destruction (Barcelona, Spain)
01 h 00 ­ Kid The Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds (Washington, U.S.A.)
02h30 ­ [D-66] (London, United Kingdom)
03h30 ­ Them Santeros (Chihuahua, Mexico)

12 December

22 h 00 ­ Shake Shake & Show Me Your Pussy (Alcobaça, Portugal)
­ The Sullens (Barreiro, Portugal)
00h00 ­ Jon Ulecia & Bizarre Tavern (Pamplona, Spain)
01 h 00 ­ Tav Falco' s Panther Burns (Memphis, U.S.A.)
02h30 ­ HIGH! (Barcelos, Portugal)
03h30 ­ Them Chicos (Madrid, Spain)
All the nights: DJ Shimmy (New York, U.S.A.)


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