Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Call off the wighat!

Welcome to the world of Rockabilly! First off, the purpose of the site:
At first, Rockabilly Hairstyles was just going to show how to create 1940s styles.
This site still does that. However, the site now has 100 other articles and pictures about rockabilly, from one extreme to the other. From punk clothing to psychobilly music, to opinion pieces. This is all just my take on rockabilly, but I hope you like it - feel free to look around!

How To Create Women's Rockabilly Hairstyles:

  • To get a rockabilly hairstyle, first, you have to get the right haircut. Sorry, without the right haircut, you can't really get the right hairstyles (sorry!) The good news: There is only one basic way to do the haircut in the 1940s, as the rest are just variations on the theme (3" long instead of 4" long, much longer in the back, etc.) You have to be a pretty committed rockabilly chick to do this, but then the hairstyles will look great!

  • Next, rockabilly hairstyles need to be curled. There is only one way hair was kept in the 40's - curly. If it wasn't naturally curly, you permed it or curled it.

  • Next, style it, both front and back!Link

  • Two exceptions to this basic rockabilly hairstyle:

    • If you have short hair, you'll modify it a little, and this page will show you how

    • If you are looking for the Bettie Page look, here's how to do that.

The rockabilly hairstyles for Men

  • Men's hairstyles were a lot easier than the woman's back in the 1940s. Whether the men were greasers or 1950s business types, they all had modifications on a couple themes. We'll be focusing on rockabilly, of course, but you'll see how those exact styles eventually influenced punk and psychobilly.


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