Monday, December 7, 2009

Where Are They Now? Fur Dixon

Fur (Jennifer) Dixon - Songwriting, singing, rhythm guitar. Bands: the Whirlybirds & the Screamin' Sirens (1983), Hollywood Hillbillys (1984-86) the Cramps (1986), the Dixons (1987-1989). Solo in 1990. Joined up with Steve Werner in 2003.

BASS GUITARFUR THEN, 1986, Belgium-- on tour with the Cramps

FUR NOW (right) with partner Steve Werner

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner
Hailing from Van Nuys, California, but equally at home anywhere under the western sky, well-traveled California folk favorites Fur and Steve will take you on a rollicking musical joyride through the back roads and highways of the American West.
Known for their dazzling two-part harmonies, their spectacular yodeling, awesome guitar picking, wise-cracking humor all serve to compliment their old and new-timey traveling songs.

Steve Werner - Vocals, Travis and flat pick style guitar, songwriter. Previous bands: the Mentones-1983 This Train-1987 the Avengers-1989 Steve Werner and the Sleepwalkers-1991 Throughout the 90's: bandleader and rockabilly guitarist for Glen Glenn, Johnny Legend, Tony "Wildman" Conn, Ray Campi, Sonny Burgess, Jimmy Angel, Tommy Sands and Jewel Akins. 2001 released album "Biker Campfire" acoustic biker folk songs, available on CD Baby and I-Tunes.


  1. I was born in the summer of 63 and grew up listening to the country music that my dad would play on the radio and record player and to the rock-n-roll and pop my mother listened to. I was fortunate to be raised with a deep appreciation for all types of music, but my first love affair was with the rockabilly and surf music of my youth. In the summer of 81 I turned 18 and found myself in the Marine Corps stationed in CA. One night while I was in Oceanside I went into a record store looking for something new, I had started buying tapes based on cover art,band names, song titles, and recording labels. The radio stations didn't play what I wanted to hear so everything I bought was something I had never heard before. I can still remember picking up the tape "Bad Music For Bad People" and while looking at it a guy working in the store asked me if I had ever heard of the Cramps before, I shook my head no,and he told me that they were a local band and that he thought I would like them. I bought the tape and played it on my boom-box as I walked around downtown Oceanside that night and many others that summer. Twenty years or so later the first concert that my wife and I ever attend together is "The Cramps" here in Okc at the Diamond Ballroom. My wife and I were brought together in life by our love of music and a bicycle, The Cramps hold a special place in our hearts and for me they are the band of my lifetime. Thank you Chuck for this page!

    1. That's an awesome story. My all time favorite too. Playing it loud when I was a teenager. My poor mother pot up with so much loud noise.