Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lux Interior, Superhero

One of the last things Lux Interior did before he departed for That undiscover'd country from whose bourne No motherfucker ever returns (unless you believe the PR of a certain carpenter), was to provide the voice for an animated Mexican wrestler superhero called "Rayo X." This character appeared in the English-language version of the film Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre, which appears to be cool as fuck and I need to get me a copy of it.
Anyhow, Lux's superheroic turn is great news for all of us. Because, as any comic book fan knows, superheroes never stay dead. Superman, the Flash, half of the X-Men, Captain America, etc., have all kicked the bucket at least once, and they never fail to return in some surprising and/or downright stupid way. So it only remains to be seen how Lux will be resurrected. (Generally speaking, your best bets are time travel, magic, or not having really been in whatever it was everyone thought you were in when it blew up.)

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