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I was looking for more material for my endless Cramps discography and I ran across a nice-looking site in Italian. Since I don't speak the language, I ran it through one of those instant free translation websites, intending to go back and clean up the syntax and so forth. You know how wildly inexact those things can be. Well, I found it so amusing, I think I am just going to re-post the page as is rather than fixing it. Enjoy too much this you should my saying is.

-- Chuck


" Songs the Lord taught us"
It is possible that one of the groups that more they are gone out from the diagrams, between those that they continued the first wave punk, was follower of Elvis And of the music of the fifties? Uncovered and produced from that unacknowledged genius of Alex Chilton, The Cramps do immediately the bang with their first disk. A thin and deep music (and there is not the low one!), a difficult voice to define and an unforgettable series of songs. "TV set" seems gone out from a tribal party African, but is not the sole song to hit in the mark. Aside mine, known how much the original songs, signed Lux Interior/Poison Ivy, be better of the cover: "Strychnine" is attractive, but besides to lose clearly the comparison with it devastating version that will give of it the Fuzztones Some year more late, is not comparable to authentic masterpieces like "What' s behind the mask", it already cited "TV set" or "Sunglasses after dark". A masterpiece. Curiosity - Cover operates of the same Cramps.

" Psychedelic jungle"

It is the second work of the degenerated Cramps, after the epochal debut of "The songs Lord taught us", but the magic of those firsts whimpered is themselves a little one lost. The listening on cd does not facilitate certainly the things, specially in this musical field, king, garagistico and little inclined to the make-up; the feeling of polished and distant sound from the tam tribal tam of the first year, does not leave me not even to the umpteenth listening. For the remainder, I continue to find the teaching in the actual compositions and a little weak one in the cover (not always, given the high number of compositions other people's presents in their disks). Curiosity - To read the article that presents the disk on the leaflet of the cd, you reward the button.

"Off the bone" Anthology of the first period of the Cramps. They are present some of the pieces that surely they will have obsessed Lux and Ivy for years. I continue to think that the Cramps diano the better than himself in the original pieces, but an anthology of this type is useful to understand it "philosophy" of the group to the bottom.

Mini-lp from the living person of the Cramps that does not succeed to give back the tribal atmospheres of their concerts. To say that the better one are the poses murders of Ivy on the back cover, has been perhaps a little too much, however…

"To given with Elvis"

An album titled to Elvis and dedicated to the memory of Ricky Nelson. The spiritual roots of the Cramps do not deny themselves, but those musical from where come? An incredible disk that with the fifties has the canonical couplings, but that then astonishes you with songs like "(Hot consortium of) Womanneed" and above all with the piercing one "Cornfed dames". A disk that slides via without obstacles, attractive, recorded decently (special not secondary treating itself of the Cramps) and that it is done riascoltare with immense pleasure.

"Stay sick!" I read reviews that compared this album to "TO given with Elvis", the precedent produced some firm Ivy-Lux. It will be that my ears they are different, but according to me between the two disks there it is a gulf. This "Stay sick!" is a little disk more than normal, without summits, dish. It is difficult even to choose a song that you raise itself on the other.

" Unleashed & unreleased"

A species of bootleg that presents a side from the living person, while the other gives us (it is done to say) some rare records. Important like document (some records go back to the '77, years before the publication of their first album), a lot except for for the pleasure of the listening.

Curiosity - "They tame", "Nothin 'but to gorehound "," Faster pussycat "and" Garbage man "are recorded from the living person to San Diego in 1982. "Hurricane fighter plane" is recorded from the living person to the Max' s Kansas City in 1977. "Lonesome town" and "Woman need" captured live to Hollywood in 1987. "Love rubbed off" does part of the sessions of "TO given with Elvis", while "Human fly" and "Love me" I am I discuss from the first demo of 1977.- there is not other information, besides those dates and in effects the disk could be considered a bootleg. The cover, done not sign, is composed from photograph years '50-' 60 of women in lingerie, some in style bondage, in line with the style and the image of the group.


Gravest hits (1979)
Songs the Lord taught us (1980)
Psychedelic jungle (1981)
Off he bone (1983)
Smell of female (1983)
Bad music for bad people (1984)
To given with Elvis (1986)
Rockinreelininaucklandnewzealand (1988)
Stay sick! (1990)
Look mom no head (1991)
Flame job (1994)
Big beat from Badsville (1997)

THE NAME The name was chosen because that of a band of gangsters seemed and because the cramp is something of unintentional, that cannot be monitored from the mind. Besides, the band had come to knowledge that in Frenchman the word "cramps" is to indicate the sexual erection.


A page dedicated to the texts of the band, to unload itself with a file zipper.

Page of the Cramps in the site of the IRS. Long biography and interesting and a recording. [English]

Page web on the Cramps with recording, biography, photograph and varied witty remarks. The alone present photograph deserve a look. [English] Cramps

The page of Scaruffi, all right with the signed on the definition masterpiece shoved to "Songs the Lord taught us" (evvai!!). [Italian]

You GO TO... Lux Interior and Poison Ivy seem gone out from a balloon, do not seem real. Their best period surely is passed, but there is not some doubt that the Cramps, a group that lives with the obsession of the years '50, of Elvis, Of the film horror film of serious Z, of the balloons, it is done itself acquaintance on the skis some revolution punk, of that revolution, farewell to say, that wanted to sweep via all what stank of past; and is not the sole to have benefited some situation leaving from the love for the years '50. Here under yourselves you will be able to connect with their "friends" present in my disco.

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