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The Cramps Discography, Part Five: Odds and Ends

The Cramps Discography, Part Five: Odds and Ends
Brain Animation

URGH!Urgh! A Music War is a British film released in 1981 featuring performances by punk rock, New Wave, and post-punk acts, filmed in 1980. The movie and the soundtrack album both feature a whole bunch of shit and the CRAMPS. The CRAMPS contribute a blistering rendition of "Tear it Up," which not only eclipses every other performance in the movie, it eclipses every other performance in the fucking history of the fucking world.

In 1986, director Tobe Hooper had the incredible good sense and good taste to include the Cramps' "Goo Goo Muck" on the soundtrack of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2."
This is a great movie in its own right, and greater still for the Cramps fragment nestled like a snake in its bosom.

Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Johnson, Jim Siedow, Bill Moseley.
The film is banned in Germany and Singapore. Coincidentally, so am I.


Re-release date: 22/10/2001
1 The Hot Pearl Snatch
2 People Ain't No Good

3 What's Inside A Girl?

4 Cornfed Dames
5 Sunglasses After Dark
6 Heartbreak Hotel

7 Chicken

8 Do The Clam

9 Aloha From Hell

10 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?

11 Birdfeed

Blue Moon Baby (CD only)

Georgia Lee Brown (CD only)
Lonesome Town (CD only)

Unleashed & unreleased

A species of bootleg that presents a side from the living person, while the other gives us (it is done to say) some rare records. Important like document (some records go back to the '77, years before the publication of their first album), a lot except for for the pleasure of the listening.

Curiosity - "They tame", "Nothin 'but to gorehound "," Faster pussycat "and" Garbage man "are recorded from the living person to San Diego in 1982. "Hurricane fighter plane" is recorded from the living person to the Max' s Kansas City in 1977. "Lonesome town" and "Woman need" captured live to Hollywood in 1987. "Love rubbed off" does part of the sessions of "TO given with Elvis", while "Human fly" and "Love me" I am I discuss from the first demo of 1977.- there is not other information, besides those dates and in effects the disk could be considered a bootleg. The cover, done not sign, is composed from photograph years '50-' 60 of women in lingerie, some in style bondage, in line with the style and the image of the group.


The Secret Life of the Cramps is the fourteenth album by the American garage punk band The Cramps. It is a compilation of B-sides and non-album tracks released for the Australian market.

01 Blue Moon Baby

02 Georgia Lee Brown
03 Get Off The Road
04 Give Me A woman
05 Jackyard Backoff
06 King Of The Drapes
07 Teenage Rage
08 High School Hellcats
09 Jailhouse Rock
10 Beat Out My Love for You
11 Wilder, Wilder, Faster, Faster
12 Hard Working Man
13 It's Mighty Crazy
14 Jelly Roll Rock
15 Shombalor
16 Confessions Of A Psychocat
17 No Club Lonewolf
18 I Walked All Night
19 Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs (Live)
20 I'm Customised
21 Surfin' Bird

The Cramps Greatest Hits

Release Date: November 03, 1998

It's a little funny to think of any Cramps song as a "hit," since none of their singles even made passing acquaintance with the charts, but BMG Special Products' Greatest Hits does a good job of rounding up highlights from their idiosyncratic catalog, including such cult favorites as "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?," "What's Inside a Girl," "I Ain't Nothin' But a Gorehound," "Journey to the Center of a Girl," "The Most Exalted Potentate of Love," "Mama Oo Pow Pow," "Psychotic Reaction" and "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns." Certainly it's not enough to satisfy the hardcore fan or the informed listener, but casual fans will find it a nice, affordable sampler.

~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

2. What's Inside a Girl?
3. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
4. I Ain't Nothin' But a Gorehound

Finger up Animation
5. Journey to the Center of a Girl
6. Most Exalted Potentate of Love


8. Mama Oo Pow Pow
9. She Said

10. Psychotic Reaction

Brain beats Animation

How To Make A Monster
How To Make A Monster is the third compilation by the American garage punk band The Cramps. Comprising rare, previously-unreleased tracks, the release is a 2-CD set that includes a 28-page book with extensive liner notes by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, as well as rare and unseen photos and flyers from their personal collection.

Analysis Animation

Disc 1

Summer — 1976

1. Quick Joey Small (Joey Levine/Arthur Resnick) — 2:08
2. Lux's Blues — 1:14
3. Love Me (Rosalind Michelle Pullens/Link Wray) — 2:56
4. Domino (Sam Phillips) — 2:34
5. Sunglasses After Dark (Marty Lott) — 1:16
6. Subwire Desire (Sam Phillips) — 2:50
7. TV Set — 3:12
8. Sunglasses After Dark (Marty Lott) — 2:29

October 1976

9. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:08
10. Can't Hardly Stand It (Jody Chastain/Charlie Feathers/Jerry Huffman) — 3:21

1981 Rehearsal

11. Sweet Woman Blues (Sonny Terry) — 4:54
12. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 1:49
13. Rumble Blues (False Start) (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 0:49
14. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 3:28
15. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 2:32
16. Lonesome Town (Baker Knight) — 4:13

1982 A&M Studio

17. Five Years Ahead of My Time (Evans/Pike) — 2:10
18. Call of the Wighat — 4:35
19. Hanky Panky (Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich) — 2:55

1988 Rehearsal

20. Journey to the Center of a Girl — 3:35
21. Jackyard Backoff — 3:04
22. Everything Goes — 1:53

1988 Home Demo

23. All Women are Bad — 3:47

Disc 2

Live at Max's Kansas City, 1/14/77

1. Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk — 2:06
2. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:10
3. Sunglasses After Dark — 5:03
4. Jungle Hop — 2:20
5. Domino — 3:18
6. Love Me — 3:21
7. Strychnine — 4:19
8. TV Set — 3:25
9. I'm Cramped — 2:33

Live At CBGBs 1/13/78

10. The Way I Walk — 3:27
11. Love Me — 3:01
12. Domino — 3:39
13. Human Fly — 3:04
14. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:25
15. Sunglasses After Dark — 4:43
16. Can't Hardly Stand It — 3:34
17. Uranium Rock — 3:02
New, supplementary radiation symbol.

18. What's Behind the Mask — 3:00
19. Baby Blue Rock — 3:01
20. Subwire Desire — 2:53
21. I'm Cramped — 2:51
22. TV Set — 3:38

Jack the Ripper Victorian London Crime Poster

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